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From MT Zirakpur (Date:12-May-2015)

With its great success in nearby cities of Mohali, Greater Mohali, Chandigarh, MT has carried the leisure of great reputation while entering the real estate in Zirakpur arena. As a renowned builder in tri-city, MT completed its 2 Bedroom units in the first segment of Mona Greens 1 on the VIP road and in one of the fastest times and sold-out many of these Best Priced flats, including projects just launched or ready to move in, in the beginning of the year 2014 itself. Seeing a great response from the people in the area and abroad, MT launched its Second phase of the same project on the Gazipur Road this time, introducing even more spacious Flats and duplexes you would love to buy for yourself or even for investment purposes. For detailed information, please refer the menu in the header. Read through the entire page below to find an in depth coverage in this context.

The air of the country side that the people living in the city so long to breathe. The serenity that is missing in the city, the chaos of pursuing those false ambitions all has now taken a seat back. The fragility of these emotions and yet being able to pursue those comforts of the life at the city is the motive of MT Zirakpur. Amidst the farms lay these magical walls to provide you with the perfect ambience for your abode. Your imaginations are clubbed into these enchantment walls for which we call home. After all, “Home is where the heart is”.

flats in zirakpur: Ariel View

Arial view of the VIP road going South

Current Real Estate Projects:

Mona Greens Project on VIP road

Project Name: Mona Greens
Location: VIP Road Status:

Ready to move

3 & 4 BHK
Ready to move
One of the most admired residencies of prime locations in the city are available now and at prices that match the amateurs in the investment market.

2 BHK Flats in Mona Greens 3 BHK Flats in Mona Greens 4 BHK Flats in Mona Greens
Mona Aero Villas on the Patiala Road, Swastik Vihar Project Name: Mona Aero Villas
Location: Swastic Colony, Patiala Road
Status: 3 BHK (Ready to move)
It is one of the initial projects of MT laying on the famous Patiala Road in the Swastic Colony. These are G+2 Multi-storey condos of sheer class.

Projects Upcoming (Bookings NOW Open!)

Mona Greens II on Gazipur road launched.

Project Name: Mona Greens II
Location: Gazipur Road
3 BHK and Duplex Apartments
Booking Open!
Status: Project Running: See images 2013-2014
After the innitial completion of Mona Greens on the VIP road, MT has launched its second version on the lush green gardens of the Gazipur road, close to the village. See the project status in the Image Gallery.

3 BHK Flats in Mona Greens II, Gazipur Road Duplex Apartments in Mona Greens II, Ghazipur Road

MT Zirakpur is building one township after another, however we concentrate on the quality of every one, to the limits we can. Our various projects in this city are at par with many yet greatly priced, we choose the land and then only invest in the same, rather than few other builders who are in search of any investment areas which is cheap and build a society on the same and start selling with 'whatever rates' in the beginning and then keep increasing them to the maximum with the last lots to sell. MT with its many 2 BHK sold already, takes into consideration that:

"Being a name that people can trust
is more important than just short term profits, building properties!"

Sample Flat in one of the Zirakpur Projects: Offwhite to Beige Color Toning

Sample Flat Panoramio Block C

And perhaps this is the reason what pays MT, that people find a great value for money in the various options that MT has to offer. We take care of connectivity of our projects to various facilities around our premises. When people come to stay, they have their needs to fulfill and if those needs are fulfilled easily, the value of what we sold them, increases even after we have left our rights over them, they increase a life long.

One important factor that we consider is the pocket of the common, who desire to improve their living standards. We aim that our projects are priced to an easily approachable price of the common man of that area and considering their spending powers and then provide the maximum value of a place to live within or invest too. The entity then what they either buy or invest is a win-win situation in both cases. If you wish to stay in there, they love to do so, and if they invest, it eventually is to be sold to those people only who will live there eventually. So what is good to stay is good to invest.

We aim to provide mazimum features to our customers with various amenities and facilities so as to justify their purchase.

As per the locals, the prices are increasing day by day, as and when the new projects are getting occupied, the rush on the commercial projects is increasing side by side on the close by regions in that area. Hence to find a prime spot is of essence and if you find MT's Mona Greens project, you will find it on exact junction of the VIP road, take and exit quickly on any side!

Flats for Sale

Diverse Residential Portfolio Option (Investment)

Even if an investor plans to invest in this segment, the thumb rule is to consider living in it yourself imagining yourself with the budget of that condo. Means, even if you are a billionaire and you see a good opportunity to invest in a 2/3/4 bedroom floors, consider being in that weight slab of the society and think if you would buy it to live yourself over there or not, and then invest. A mere cheap or expensive factor of a project is not enough to invest in that prospect. Where you cannot live, many others wont. Let luck play its part on the other hand later.

MTZirakpur are the ones where you get a high value of the asset you invest or even live in! Then in the coming times, when the competition starts increasing, people start comparing different projects themselves and if your invested place is as good as ours, the appreciation in the asset will keep increasing much more than the others which at times are not even able to cope up with the inflation.

MG1 Panoramio front face with VIP road. Picture taken from the Apple's Height Building

Panoramio from the front building, i.e. Apple's Height

Today’s market is moving in leaps and bounds. And it is in discussion with the project, and many isolated places, such as on Old Ambala Road near infrastructure has been Dakoli and Kishanpur, VIP Road, Peer Mushalla Adjoining Panchkula, Ghazipur Near Delhi-Ambala Highway, Delhi-Chandigarh Ambala Highway, Infrastructure Patiala road and it may even have places on the ham. We have a very right place and the right way it is designed that there will not be much problems to any customers in future or near.

We have a well-organized manner and good infrastructure that has significantly contributed to the development of the market. Floors with assured high return- high on demand among investors. The city has emerged as the most preferred. The city market rates increase then set the city an excellent opportunity to invest in all projects and get leverage.

Our other Projects in other Cities/ States


See More Property in Mohali:-

Mona Paradise Apartments Mona Paradise Apartments
Location: Shivalik City, Kharar-Landran Road, Mohali
Types: 3 BHK
Mona Paradise Apartments II Mona Paradise Apartments II
Location: SunCity Rohtak
Types: 3 BHK and 4 BHK
Mona City, Kharar- Landran Road, Mohali Mona City
Location: Sector 115 Greater Mohali, Punjab
Types: 3 BHK (Type 1 and 2)
Also see upcoming projects Also see our upcoming projects and plans.

Along with the various developing areas, the Commercial project sector is also picking up now quickly and MT wishes to consider the same in the coming future. Recently with the increasing inhabitance/ occupancy of these condos, the major players are focusing on bring up various Shops, Malls, Office Spaces, Restaurants, Banquet Halls, Hotels and Commercial Plots etc at various prime locations of the city like the VIP road, Ambala Chandigarh Highway, Patiala Road, Kanal Road, Old Kalka Road, Gazipur Road and more. See all famous roads of the city. Commercial Properties like Paras Down Town Square Mall, Best Price, Easy Day etc. and various Banquets like Sharma Lawns, Laguna Party Turls and more getting built up quickly.

Real Estate Zirakpur

Corporate Office

Mona Greens Real Estate Property Front FaceCorporate office already pre-occupied by the team in the building of Mona Greens is inculcating various ideas and thoughts to the edifice. It is laid in the front side of in the ground floor are all depicting the real estate facades of this property from front, almost ready to set the visitors and the clientele.

The team making a complete portfolio is not easy as it seems. It’s all about trust, confidence and beliefs relying on other member for making something happen in reality. As our work is totally based on constructing the main we all are required is timely delivering of the task that has been given to individuals.

Mona Townships is the premier project which is the best place to start your real estate search no matter whether you are an investor, or for your own use or for renting. It has got all the ins and outs where projects are found in plentiful as well as several copious designs and layouts attracting innumerable numbers of people daily. MT brings you the most comprehensive selection in the market-different condominiums. The condos strategic location is an excellent plus for busy career oriented people. If you own a house here, you will not have to drive around the city looking for a convenient place.

Reception- Corporate Office on VIP road Zirakpur
Reception- Corporate Office

Primary Sales Head Team- MT Zirakpur with Mr. Krishna Malik
Primary Sales Head Team- MT Zirakpur

The first customer
With the first customer

The Group- Sales Team
Real Estate Sales Team

Chief Guest- Mr. W.K.Ralhan on blood donor fest

Chief Guest- Mr.W.K.Ralhan on Blood Donation Camp at PGI, Chandigarh.

MT Zirakpur does not just look for the sale of its projects, however it plays an agressive role towards the betterment of the society. For the past 2 years 2012 and 2013, MT Zirakpur has been sponsoring the Blood Donation Camp at the PGI Hospital of Chandigarh. It is our honour to do something more everytime for humanity. The trofffey being awarded to our Managing Director on the 14th of October, 2013.

Ideal Opportunity for Suburban Property Investors

Pricing Trends in Zirakpur 2014, considering various builders in the area like Sushma Buildtech, CHd devlopers, KSB Group, Akasva, Motiaz, Barnala Builders, N.K.Sharma Group productions and more.With one of the largest database of both types of projects in the tri-city, you will find homes that suit your financial plan in this busy city. Projects on VIP Road or Gazipur Road or Patiala Road, it covers all your requirements. The various forthcoming projects will make you realize why the city is just a great global hotspot in that area. It is our endeavor to bring to you all the latest developments in the belongings that are available at convenient discretion. The service range offered by us includes condominiums, Independent Floors and more. We believe in bringing the excellence to our respected customers in order to maintain long run relationship.

Buying home is an extensive approach. A lot of tedious work, research, assessment and decision making come into buying a home. Finding an ideal community for the same, that fits all your criteria is not so difficult to go. But when you look at the number of projects that are building up nowadays with all the facilities equipped. There are various investors eyeing financially profitable opportunities and people from various countries looking at investing in a home in your dream place.

The city not only serves the purpose for shelter, but also the pursuit of builders business is central to all facets of life. Various projects seemingly forming a curtain of many crystal hopes.

Mona Greens 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 4 BHK flats/ apartments seen from back side.

Rear face Mona Greens

Rate List

Mona Greens, VIP road


Price in Year Rs (INR) Expected Price
Mona Greens 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2020
(1110 Sq.ft)
18 Lacs 20 Lacs 25 Lacs 30 Lacs 35 Lacs 40 Lacs 44 Lacs 78 Lacs
(1207 Sq.ft)
21 Lacs 23 Lacs 28 Lacs 33 Lacs 38 Lacs 43.5 Lacs 48.25 Lacs 84.5 Lacs
3 BHK     48 Lacs 53 Lacs 57 Lacs 53.5 Lacs 73.5 Lacs 1.29 Cr.
4 BHK     60 Lacs 67 Lacs 71 Lacs 78 Lacs 91.7 Lacs 1.60 Cr.

Price Trends: Mona Greens II, Gazipur Road

Price in Year Rs (INR)  Expected Price
Mona Greens II 2013 2014 2015 2020
3 BHK GF 1810 Sq.ft 48.5 Lacs 53 Lacs 56.6 Lacs 97.6 Lacs
3BHK FF 1560 Sq.ft. 47 Lacs 52 Lacs 54.6 Lacs 95.6 Lacs
3BHK SF 1560 Sq.ft. 46 Lacs 51 Lacs 53.6 Lacs 93.6 Lacs
Duplex 3120 Sq.ft. 63 Lacs 75 Lacs 1 Cr. 2 Cr.
3 BHK Hi-Rise 1350 Sq.ft. 40.5 Lacs 46 Lacs 47 Lacs 81 Lacs

Price Trends: Mona Aeroview, Patiala Road

Price in Year Rs (INR)  Expected Price
Mona Aeroview 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2020
1350 Sq.ft (G+2)   30 Lacs 35 Lacs 41 Lacs 48 Lacs 81 Lacs

Please note that the prices mentioned above and any other place on this website are only indicative/ estimates. The exact and correct prices are provided to you only on demand.

Evelavations of one of our projects in the cityOur Buildings/ Societies Manages and puts together a mix of high to medium end arm, develops and manages a mix of high to medium end built up condos located in the most accessible and vibrant locations of the city. We are committed to performance in a challenging and competitive environment. this division in this satelite area has full-fledged rapidly and is now driven by demand and quality. With a history of ground-breaking innovative industry built upon excellence, trust and responsibility, we have commitment to ornamental life in the communities we serve.

We do this by delivering the highest standards of products and services, giving you the access to the world class projects and the widest range of technologies and the materials.

Open fields in the Gazipur Road area

The city has specially focused on the major areas that forms a triangle. There are more highly well-known projects of Mona Townships (MT) coming in the tri-city i.e. Mohali, Chandigarh and Panchkula which includes 4 BHK, 3 BHK and 2 BHK and other types of commercial and residential types. MT has provided a number of housing development patterns that provide luxurious dwelling place in the tri-city. It’s all you dream of having a home and well connected with your loved ones and neighbors. They promise to be a community that is designed for world class in a green sanctuary which gives you a modern lifestyle in a heaven of peace and tranquility.

lush greens around our project-mona greens 2. Get the fresh air left. Other Projects in Zirakpur include Chandigarh Enclave,KSB Greens,Sohi Heights,RBC Yamuna Enclave I,
Yamuna Enclave II, Penta Homes,Penta Houses,Springdale Tower-I,Springdale Tower-II,VIP Aashiana Homes I, VIP Aashiana Homes II, CHD City Center,OJAS Grand,Park View,Savitry Heights I and 2 from NK Sharma
A jewel in the lush green opens!

Their attractive build and spectacular environment make this tri-city stand as beautiful homes/societies for many. Constant modernism and thirst for excellence is the main reason for this perfect deliverance of beautiful and innovative Condos in the tri-city.

Dwelling Zirakpur

There are more highly well-known projects coming. A number of housing societies provide luxurious dwelling place in the city. It’s all you dream of having a home and well connected with your loved ones and neighbors. 

With development of the IT Park in Chandigarh, demand for our units have increased in the area. This has escalated their costs as well. Some new projects have started coming up on Ambala Road area. Panchkula Heights, Bollywood Heights and Sushma Urban Views are few of them. Connectivity and narrow roads remains an advantage in these areas and hence they are sold strikingly. The city has seen especially much faster development on all fronts on Ambala road with new malls and hotels starting up there. It is the name that we can trust for reliability, design and remarkable engineering.  

A number of housing societies provide luxurious residing place in the city. Renowned builders and major players in the region have realized the potential of this town and are coming up with numerous world class projects. Mona Greens at VIP Road is one of the biggest and best residential societies in the area and one of its segment is fully completed and is ready to be move in. Most of these societies are equipped with all modern amenities within campus. Their alluring build and spectacular environment make this city stand as beautiful homes for many. Constant innovation and thirst for excellence is the main reason for this perfect delivery of beautiful developers here. 

Growing Residential Societies. Image showing projects like: Alpine Residency,Sarvamangal Enclave,Akanksha Enclave,Amolak Enclave,Panchsheet Enclave,Northfield Homes,Paramount Towers,Motiaz Royal City,Maya Garden City,Royale Estate,Leaf Stone,Sushma Chandigarh Grande,Aero Homes and more.

Residential Ventures from other Developers in 2014

  • Alpine Residency
  • Sarvamangal Enclave
  • Akanksha Enclave
  • Amolak Enclave
  • Panchsheet Enclave
  • Northfield Homes
  • Paramount Towers
  • Motiaz Royal City
  • Maya Garden City
  • Royale Estate
  • Leaf Stone
  • Sushma Chandigarh Grande
  • Aero Homes
  • Chandigarh Enclave
  • KSB Greens
  • Sohi Heights
  • RBC
  • Yamuna Enclave I
  • Yamuna Enclave II
  • Penta Homes
  • Penta Houses
  • Springdale Tower-I
  • Springdale Tower-II
  • VIP Aashiana Homes I
  • VIP Aashiana Homes II
  • CHD City Center
  • OJAS Grand
  • Park View
  • Savitry Heights I- from NK Sharma
  • Savitry Heights II- from NK Sharma
  • Sunrise Greens from Jaipuria
  • Hollywood Heights I
  • Hollywood Heights II
  • Palm Court
  • Silver Oak Heights
  • Surya Towers
  • Monarch Apartments
  • Nirmal Chhaya Towers
  • Mona Greens
  • Mona Greens II
  • Mona Aero Villa

Disclaimer: Please note that the names used above of various other builders in the town have no connection or association with or our associates what so ever. If you wish to contact these companies, please search their contact details on other websites or elsewhere to contact them.

MT Amenities and Facilities for our projects

Please note that below are various amenities that we aim our various projects to possess, however due to various reasons it is not possible to provide the same in all the projects, hence below is just a general presentation of the various projects in general. To find the exact amenities for a particular project, please visit that projects page.

Amenities in our Colonies

Facilities in MT projects

  • Lift
  • Reserved Parking
  • Club House
  • Parks
  • Power Back Up
  • Waste Disposal
  • Water Storage
  • Vaastu Compliant
  • Visitor Parking
  • Intercom Facility
  • DTH Television Facility
  • Piped Gas
  • Vaastu
  • Fengsui
  • Security
  • Bus Stop
  • Bank
  • ATMs
  • Gym and Fitness Center
  • Airport
  • Railway
  • Temples
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Mall
  • Schools
  • College
  • Grocery Store
  • Restaurants
  • Medical Store

Vaastu and Feng Shui Real Estate

We are Indians and we believe in the third element (unexplained factor for the regular science), one among the highest in the world. So why not incorporate it at innitial stages of building our homes itself. While designing the architechture, our architects and engineers ensure that we adhere to bring in the Vaastu and other spiritual factors incorporated, where ever possible. Thought is is not guaranteed that they will be a strictly followed at all times, yet we aim to add it to our projects to add an additional plus for your home.

The layout of the homes in corporate that the washrooms/ toilets are not in front and kitchens along with living rooms give the opening face to the incoming guests. The customers very certain for the location and facing of the apartment can always discuss the same with our representatives before booking. We shall be glad to provide necessary information.

Other related religious rituals and small enhancements should be taken care off by the customers by themselves like the horse shoe or a swastic Symbol hanging at the entrance. Till where ever possible, the society shall try to accomodate the customization if not an objection to other members of the society.

Our 3 BHK Sample Flat. Other builders:Sunrise Greens from Jaipuria,Hollywood Heights I,Hollywood Heights II,Palm Court,Silver Oak Heights,Surya Towers,Monarch Apartments
A panoramio of one of our ready

Have a look on our various images sectioned into various sectors, project wise then the area around for those projects and also the various important roads of the city. Currently 2 sample units are ready including the 2 BHK and 3 BHK and both in the Mona Greens. The sample units have one of the most beautiful interior designing creations being used to illustrate how you can decorate your homes.

Growing a real estate team is not as easy as you think off. It’s all trust based that relies on. With the group of MT Zirakpur, our company has outlined the main components to the growing a successful team. All team never comes with elementary attitudes just as it is in MT Zirakpur. Team is the initial step before initiating their ascent on empire building. It’s been 30 years actively working in this industry.

Productive team work moves you towards challenge, through change with more confidence. Working well on with groups generates energy and enthusiasm for life. Team is where one person taps up the work, while another leads into the project or when three people discover a harmony they never knew existed that is new and unique ideas or when crowd joins in on a glee club as though to raise the plan a few feet higher, then only people will also there is hope for the world.

The Meeting Place
The meeting Room
The sitting area, behind the metting table
The lounge behind
For Recreation real estate
For recreation
Project development & finalization center
Project development & finalization center

From the Owner's Desk

We are dedicated in providing solid foundation of what to express and share our passion for projects. Personally, we have been in the industry for the past 30 years, gaining experience in all aspects of the industry across world. We hope to serve as a platform for customers to become involved with community, thereby further adding the interests, growing the knowledge and enhancing the potential.

The dedication and well experienced staff of our company are involved in every project we chose to. Giving the right motivation and incentives enthusiasts each one of them in the team and are pleased to provide you with as much service we can.

Touching the lives of many..

We are committed to work each day to enjoy a fun and pleasant workplace to be involved while maintaining the balance between work and family lives. Our work ethics is stranded in the principles of following protocols

  1. Reliability
  2. Integrity
  3. Loyalty
  4. Professionalism
  5. Confidentiality
  6. Honesty
  7. Sincerity
  8. Mutual Respect

We are such a high performance team that we do not have to put much effort that is required beyond limits. Our team takes just as much drive, dedication and willingness to create the ideas and views and hit the weighted room.

Read about our team

Director: Mr. Sagar Setia

Mr. Sagar Setia (Director)

Mona Greens Entrance.

We welcome you all to our paradise, a paradise for all! The life is yet to begin.

Exclusive and Beautiful Haven for Living

Set above the turquoise grasslands under the clear blue skies in the evening that span the middle of the Zirakpur land, a flower blooms. This is the MT that sets the new benchmark for sumptuous and luxurious living. A narrative development of various projects in different pattern that rise from the peaceful lands of the city, inhabitants walk by the side of raised deck and enjoy a plethora of facilities and a natural open space as their play ground.

It is ground-breaking development that takes its name from Townships or of mixed ethnic groups. Mona greens is the first of few developments of MT situated in a prime location , just few minutes away from the local and general shops and of course the entertainment segment and other projects in the process. This special opportunity, resourcefully created by world-renowned developer, is almost ready to be sold and presents a fantastic investment with the ability to sell the residencies with pearl hearted.

Download the PDF

PDF- click to download
Zirakpur Property

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May 2016
Mona Greens Now Ready To Move Read More

Railway Stations Facilities
Connectivity MGII ATMS MGII
School Locations Hospital Locations

Client Testimonials for our properties

Axis Bank Loans for Mona Greens Zirakpur

PNB Bank Loans For Mona Greens Zirakpur

Tata Capital For Mona Greens Zirakpur

IDBI Bank For Mona Greens Zirakpur

First Blue For Mona Greens Zirakpur

State Bank of Patiala For Mona Greens Zirakpur

See the complete list of available Banks/ FIs Approvals

*The logos/ pictures used of other companies/ banks are their respective logos, TMs and pictures.

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