Govt. Schools in Zirakpur, Punjab

Near MT Zirakpur Property

There are many government schools in Zirakpur but the one which is sprawled across few yards gently lying in Gazipur village near Mona Greens II. The school is small and a wonderful place for the children closeby of low income group population.

They ensure to follow set of procedures and meet standards. Teachers there teach them in their native language. The Indian studies are compulsory subjects in government schools.


It is located in Zirakpur to provide food the needs of the inhabitants in region who are particularly searching for an astounding instruction with a mix of old society, conventions and the advanced method. It is laid on the Gazipur Road and is near to various residential properties and is closest to Mona Greens II, which is just about 4 minutes to reach your destination. Schools near house are more comfy and beneficial for both children as well as parents as they can themselves can drop and pick up their children.

Learning Brings Change

Govt School Zirakpur

Primary Govt School in Zirakpur, Punjab

This school has got its own admission course of action which can include placement assessments and inspection of prior academic records. Education is compulsory for all children from the age of 6-15. There are facilities for children to attend school nursery. It is free for nationals, as an Indian he/she are able to register in the school and receive all the educational benefits allocated. The only documents that is required while admissions are a birth certificate and a proof. Parents are required to pay few cash amount hardly crossing 100 rupees for books, copies and other necessities. They are also required to buy school uniforms. Girls are given special priorities.

Children are taught basic skills in all languages and especially Hindi and mathematics, character development which includes moral education, physical education, music and performing arts and art education. Along with all these, special experience involving English language or special vocational skills relevant to the needs of the community. Second languages are taught to all children except in preschools. There have been still improvements in the teachings of second languages to give students the best of it.

In addition to the curriculum, the school encourages self – reliance, love for outsiders, a spirit of adventure, growth of intellectual inquisitiveness and community service through various after- school functions. These few years will be rejoicing for the children. These schools consistently ranking higher on the academic achievement for being the top most schools in Zirakpur that are placidly laying on the main roads. The quality of the faculty has often been alluding to as one of the schools’ major strengths.

Notice Board of Primargy Govt school Zirakpur

Extra Curricular Activities

These programmes and academics are cheaper and worth as compared to other schools as the method of teaching may be more educating by rote. As every government schools aims at providing its students with an outstanding foundation that is necessary for mounting better life. We emphasize fluency in every language and expertise in every subject, experiences, leaderships and teamwork so that student may be successful in every stream.

This school offer wide ranging extracurricular activities including sports, arts, dance and community service.

Their knowledgeable teaching staff ensures that students will mature in good, smart and happy individuals. So it is good for you and your children. The school hours usually start at 8:30 in the morning when the patriotic songs followed by national anthem is sung. It ends at around 14:30. It may have differing ends depending on the student’s performance.


Govt School student in the slum area

Govt School student in the slum area

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