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Featured 3 BHK FLats in zirakpur

3 BHK Flats -MT Zirakpur

Get the privilege to own a scintillating asset to live and own on this earth at our various properties in Zirakpur. Raising several projects in the real estate in Mohali and Zirakpur segment, one-after-the-other with different flats/apartments, has always been a source of inspiration for various Builders in the city and in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula and other close by areas. Mona Greens- Front Face with 3 BHK Flats at the backHowever we maintain a discipline, hard to follow. Our very best flats for sale in Mona Greens, set in the empathy of people, on the popular roads of the city, conveniently designed for people, a perfect retreat, long awaited and soaking up the whole city atmosphere, we present to you, homes to live.

After the successful completion of one of its floor plans at Mona Greens on the VIP Road of Zirakpur and its immediate great response with un-doubtful recognition and love from people, MT, one of the best builders in Zirakpur, then introduces even better than before properties for all the new guests of honor. We welcome you to Mona Greens II on the Gazipur road. Populace got a mind blasting opportunity to enjoy the modern conveniences and extensive services and facilities in all 2 BHK, 3 BHK or a 4 BHK while relaxing in the spacious comfort of your own balcony.

We are proud to present ourselves as a company for PEOPLE, a company for YOU!

Ready To Move Flats -2 BHK

Our state of the art ready to move in 2 BHKs (right now as per January 2014) are designed with a perfect blend of modernity and sophistication where nature is encountered afresh, at every turn. We deliver high quality apartments at par with the best in the industry maintaining the most exciting standards and offering a complete Peace of Mind & Luxurious Lifestyle in the city. 2 Bedroom is the best to start with your search for home especially popular with the middle class families. It simply exemplifies the good life. Positioned in the lovely VIP Road of the city is just minutes away from some of the city’s best shopping center, entertainments, dining and more. It is a combination of trendy loft, garden condo or luxurious home; you will find all these in one floor plan that is perfect for you.

2 BHK in Mona Greens
2 BHK Apartment in Mona Greens
Locality: VIP Road, Zirakpur

2/3/4 BHK flats
3 BHK in Mona Greens II
Locality: Gazipur Road, Zirakpur

3 BHK Flats in Mona Greens II
4 BHK Flats in Mona Greens
Locality: VIP Road, Zirakpur

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It is all about style and of course life. You will get lost in the spaciousness and comfort of your new apartment. This two bedroom apartment features large private portico and balconies along with other amenities. It will be a great respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Mona Greens - An Ideal Home

Zirakpur, a growing town near Chandigarh is how Wikipedia states it. Why have I highlighted the word growing when it should be places that I should highlight? Because it’s the word growth which has significance, a great phenomenon attached to it in today’s scenario. Every men living want to be emphasized with this particular word. Without which a job, a business, a career has no relevance whatsoever.

Growth is the strategy of Mona Greens, amidst the agricultural plantation where the locals living in the same old lifestyle. Mona greens have come up with age and brought some significance into the lives of people of Zirakpur. A taste of richness, comfort, leisure and extravagance amidst the plantations is set up stories for your dwelling. Growing does not necessarily imply financial growth or growth of the business but also delving deep to understand the priorities of the people living in Zirakpur and matching up with their expectations.

Tranquility from the constant honking of the cars, freedom from the chaos of the city life, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, accessibility to premium schools for our children, Access to pub and clubs for hangouts, access to the malls for shopping and the convenience of grocery shopping, access to amenities, easy transportation, hospitals, are the many factors we look for an Ideal Home.

The life in the city can reach the threshold at point when one is not able to cope up with the pressure of ambitions that is when these souls look to retire away from the city.

Property in Zirakpur

A Sample UnitZirakpur is a perfect place to dwell than any other place where aged people sit comfortably alongside the new, encompassed within the most vibrant haven the city has to offer and beautifully surrounded by properties. Services offered by MTZ are professional and personal. Our supple approach with the capitalist spirit the management cliches, that produces continued results for our clients. continues to be a growing star in the market. Mona Townships embarked its tremendous layout with striking architectural features. Standing next to the enormous shopping malls, these dream apartments boasts of unique decorative features. A major location for your own extravagant homes among other luxury star hotels, a refined combination of design and comfort, these properties are an evocative setting of rare beauty for your lifetime residential purpose. Properties are conveniently located in very close proximity to leading institutes and many of them are conveniently located within walking distance from this prime location. Spacious living and dining areas with proper flooring and positioned in an enchanting open space which offers bright and warming sunlight and fresh air.

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May 2016
Mona Greens Now Ready To Move Read More

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Completed Projects
Mona Greens 1 and Aero Villas
Mona Greens- VIP Road
Includes: 2, 3 & 4 BHK

Running Projects
Mona Greens 2
Mona Greens II- Gazipur Road
Includes: 3 BHK & Duplex

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Various types of flats/properties from MTZirakpur in the city

Located a stone’s throw away from institutions, universities, transportation and a huge variety of shops, it’s no wonder Mona Townships Zirakpur premises are an asset to own for life. In case of Mona Greens II, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the unit that is made for you perfectly decorated and spacious making them ideal for use for users. The ready to move apartment provide you the paramount comfort, privacy and security of a home offering Three Bedrooms, Hallway and Kitchen. You can enjoy the beautiful, ever changing and bush views from the balconies of your home or resting at porch or from your bed or a relaxed armchair.

MT Zirakpur 3 BHK Flat Options & Comparison

Mona Greens II

Mona Greens I

Mona Aeroview
(Type 1)

Mona Aeroview
(Type 2)
Layout Plan Layout type 2 of 3 BHk in MG II Floor map- 3 BHK Mona Aeroview 3 BHK  Layout Ground Floor - 1266 Square Feet Mona Aeroview 1st and 2nd Floor Layout- 1350 sq. ft.
Total Area of 3 BHKs 1350 Sq.ft 1841 Sq.ft 1266 Sq.ft 1350 Sq.ft.
Location Gazipur Road V.I.P Road Patiala Road Patiala Road
Project Status/ Date of Possession 2016-17 Sep-Dec 2015 Ready to Move Ready to Move
Indivisual Car Parking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Master Bedroom Dimensions 11'-6" x 15'-9" 14'-11" X 11'-1"  14'-4.5" x 11'-3" 14'-4.5" x 11'-3"
Guest Bedroom Dimensions 11'-0" x 16'-3" 10'-11" x 12'-1"  11'-0" x 12'-0" 11'-0" x 12'-0"
Third Bedroom Dimensions 10'-6" x 16'-0" 9'-11" x 12'-11"  11'-0" x 12'-0" 11'-0" x 12'-0"
Balcony Area Dimensions 8'-0" 5'-11" 13'-7.5" 13'-7.5"
Bathroom & Toilet Dimensions 5'-0" x 7'-6" 5'-2" x 7'-5"  5'-0" x 7'-7.5" 5'-0" x 7'-7.5"
Kitchen Dimensions 7'-0" x 11'-3" 11'-1" x 6'-11"  6'-0" x 10'-10.5" 6'-0" x 10'-10.5"
Sample Flat Status Ready Ready Ready Ready
No. of Bathrooms 3 3 3 3
Walls Oil Distemper Oil Distemper Distemper Distemper
Floor Vitrified Tiles Vitrified Tiles Vitrified Tiles Vitrified Tiles
Doors Skinned Doors Skinned Doors Skinned Doors Skinned Doors
Appliances Fixed Modular Kitchen Fixed Modular Kitchen Fixed Modular Kitchen Fixed Modular Kitchen
Switches Branded Modular Branded Modular Branded Modular Branded Modular
Windows/Glazing Wooden Frame and Shutters Wooden Frame and Shutters Wooden Frame and Shutters Wooden Frame and Shutters
Furnished/Semi-Furnished Semi-Furnished Semi-Furnished Semi-Furnished Semi-Furnished
Servant Quarter No No No No
Price/ Booking Amount Rs.38,88,000/- Lacs* 58.94 Lacs* 38.90 Lacs* 39.90 Lacs*
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The Awesome Sample Flat at V.I.P road

Sample 3 BHK Flat/ Apartment in Mona GreensAfter the exchange of phone calls and faxes between developers, bankers, sponsors, architects, designers, agents and lawyers, the strategic plan of this condo came into existence in the heart of land. It is a refinement of the very best styles and grandeur of MT Zirakpur!

Its living and spaces offers more than just the structure. It is a creation of feeling of timelessness remaining invariable throughout time and of magnificence. Rooms pleasing to the eye within this condo fuel the true excitement of urban living. The choices of diverse shops, fun filled area and many more heighten the inner city ambiance.

See the picture gallery of this Sample Flat 3 BHK

It is truly one of a kind where residents can enjoy the stylish entrances through magnificent foyer with attached washrooms and Kitchen that is only available in the world’s supreme services. These fully self contained apartments allow you to save money by organizing your own rooms and vestibules. It is placed in such a land where there is everything to offer.

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